Dornail wraps up his conclusion of Wertham for Speedy with the event that pushed Wertham far beyond any other opponent.

Wertham had a knack for getting talent to help him achieve his goals even if he treated them poorly.


These super talented artists and creators helped Wertham craft his vision of the perfect Earth. First the smaller Wertham Land then the far more ambitious Wertham World!

There were even a FEW Wertham Worlds all over the Earth!

It was in Wertham World Japan that the Bests found Wertham on his death bed.

Dying of old age, he attempted to cheat death by being frozen until his Artchitects could dream up something better.

Rodney smashed up the machine but it didn’t work—WERTHAM SURVIVED!

Worse–he was now effectively immortal.

Without time as a factor, Wertham’s schemes became vastly more complex and grand.

Every encounter nearly destroyed the Bests. Each victory increasingly more narrowly earned.

Dornail punctuates the summary with the most important fact:

Wertham is the greatest opponent the Bests have ever faced.

UP NEXT: Terror of the Unknown!