Dornail has grim news for Speedy Godiva—

Wertham is back!

But Speedy has never heard of him. (A statement which blows Dornail’s mind).

She has an extremely strong sense of Deja Vu though. And oddly enough, even though she made sure to numb any pain she might have before she began operating on her back—She’s getting a head ache.

Dornail is still flabbergasted. How can Speedy have zero recollection of Dr. Walter Wertham?

He’s the very reason the Bests exist! A threat so deadly even Rodney and Dornail can’t handle it alone.

Speedy’s got nothing though.

Dornail pulls up an image of Wertham’s face. It’s one of the top 5 recognizable faces in history! Right up there with Rodney, Dornail, Jesus and Hitler!

Most shockingly of all, Speedy doesn’t see a face.

She sees Modern Art (which she loathes).

Dornail is completely dumb founded…