We join Dornail and Speedy Godiva in her lab… no wait.. what?

Uh… We join Dornail… in the heart of Slaughter House’s insanity labyrinth and he’s looking into a room full of corpses.

Dornail remarks “So that’s what you were getting at Jenkins”…

a note on familiar letterhead rests in front of him.

NOW we join Dornail and Speedy Godiva in her lab.

Dornail confesses that after Jenkins disappeared into Slaughter House the R+D team at the Rad Pad refused to work further.

As a result no one really knew what Slaughter House was exactly!

It seems however that Jenkins never quit working even after he disappeared.

As Dornail wandered the insanity labyrinth the Rad Pad letter head Jenkins used instantly caught his eye.

Through Jenkins notes he learned that Slaughter House was once a serial killer named Nathan Crane who lured victims into his haunted house and displayed their remains (which people thought were merely decorations).

Crane was eventually found out and gunned down, but in his death he struck a deal with the devil and became Slaughter House where he continued his evil ways.

He kept a trophy room which would be his undoing. Jenkins’ notes lead Dornail to the torphy room.

Dornail was able to use the sparks caused by Axe Moth’s Axe and Garret Marrow’s Saw Blade to cause a reaction in all the rotting, gas filled corpses—

Not unlike the exploding catacombs of Katmandu!

Speedy Godiva wraps up her back surgery which she was doing herself (?!). Removing the spinal fusion Iteration 88 put on her.


Dornail has terrible news for Speedy–WALTER WERTHAM IS BACK!