Powerless to resist, Speedy can only watch as Iteration 88 attaches herself to Speedy’s limbs.

Speedy urges 88 to calm down, but 88 has finally reunited with her mother and can not control her excitement.

Eghost doesn’t think allowing Speedy Godiva to wield her most powerful mechappendages ever is such a good idea, but Wrecking Brawl encourages him to just watch and see.

88, deploys her very own creation, mechabrae which attach themselves to Speedy’s spine.

It is a painful process that initiates the permanent bond, but Speedy is powerless to stop 88.

Their bond is now so close that 88 can feel Speedy’s life functions, but it’s still not enough.

There is a helmet that will finish the process and unify their minds.

It wasn’t in the Gallery (88 checked) so it much be in Godiva Labs (which they’ve been fighting in front of this whole time).

88 ribs Speedy that it seems she doesn’t fully trust Rodney and Dornail if she is keeping the helmet for herself.

Speedy begs 88 to stop because she’s hurting her, but 88 tells her the pain will soon go away forever.

Once 88 puts the helmet on Speedy’s head they will be one. Iteration 100.

Eghost is slightly aghast to bear witness to this horrific plan. He’s a minor leaguer and this is majorly evil shit.

Wrecking Brawl confirms that once they gain Iteration 100 the worsts will have an immensely powerful new ally.