Wrecking Brawl mounts Speedy Godiva and begins pounding her face in!!

Speedy is completely helpless!

Or so Wrecking Brawl thought.

Blood pouring from Speedy’s mouth and nose—Speedy spits blood into Wrecking Brawl’s eyes (and mouth!).

Disgusted, Wrecking Brawl stands back to wipe her eyes out.

This leaves Speedy the opening to whip her hair around Wrecking Brawl’s neck.

Speedy barks “No one calls me helpless!” before using her neck to snap Wrecking Brawl’s neck.

As the life slips out of her body Wrecking Brawl falls to the ground (chains and wrecking balls going everywhere).

UP NEXT: Godiva—Victorious?