Max Saturn got clobbered by Speedy Godiva, but Iteration 88 was able to pull through and pull OFF Speedy’s right leg!

Max uses the opening to get in there and destroy speedy’s left leg, taunting Speedy that although he’s tearing off her mechappendages he knows she still feels the pain.

Speedy retaliates by using her remaining limb to clamp down a death mask on Max’s skull and attempts to microwave his brain!

But Iteration 88 again comes through and destroys the last mechappendage Speedy Godiva has!

Using his rock halo to saw off the mask, an infuriated Max Saturn proclaims the fight as over!

And indeed Speedy is completely at Max’s mercy having no limbs left.

Max forms a blade and puts it to Speedy’s throat.

He again drives home his perceived innocence. He finds the Bests hypocritical for trapping him in the Gallery when Earth clearly shares his views that some species can be slaughtered without consequence.

What’s more, during Max’s confinement he lost his life mate.

To him he’s done nothing and has lost everything and it was humiliating.

Now he wants to humiliate Speedy who he perceives as having done him the most wrong.

He wants her to beg for mercy.

Having no other choice… Speedy begs.


Also a quick thanks to everyone for their patience!! As you know it has been a little stretch hasn’t it? An unfortunate coincidence that the Switch release hit so close to my birthday and when I would normally begin my latest batch of pages. Forgive me! I felt that was excessive, but also I know once I got going on my comic again I wouldn’t really be making too much time for Zelda. Anyway it was a fun little birthday gift and I appreciate your patience a bunch. Long time readers know that stopping for gaming isn’t really an issue this comic has and I feel I’ve done quite well during the Super Raven’s Dojo era to keep updates coming regardless of life circumstance! I just don’t want any fresher faces getting the wrong impression. Yours truly is back on task! Don’t worry! MORE RAVEN’S DOJO COMING ASAP!!