Iteration 88 can barely contain her enthusiasm as she heads to the lab for the helmet that will unify her and Speedy Godiva’s minds as one.

However Speedy commands 88 halt and issues her one and only warning: Fall in line or else!!

88 is NOT impressed. She’s already defeated 99. She is the most powerful weapon Speedy has got (and Speedy’s somewhat at her mercy).

Speedy begs to differ, stating her MIND is her most powerful weapon and initiates Judgement Day?

With a single word (different each time) each limb falls helplessly off of it’s dock much to 88’s horror.

88 struggles to even speak.

It doesn’t add up. She scanned for any sort of defense before docking. Quickly her mind deteriorates to the point where she can’t speak or even maintain her form.

Speedy boasts that the secret was that each of the 4 sleeves she uses to connect to her mechappendages had a quarter of a trojan which was then completed via her nervous system when 88 docked on.

Each trojan responded to a unique vocal trigger which unleashed millions of artificial aneurysms, essentially killing 88’s mind off.

This is a defense she has had way back since iteration 89.