Max Saturn dead! Iteration 88 dead! At last it’s Eghost and Wrecking Brawl’s time to shine!!

Wrecking Brawl has a good laugh at Iteration 88’s fate.

Naturally, Wertham also figured something like this might happen as well. That’s why there was so much back up!

Wrecking Brawl is excited for her and Eghost to get their big shot!

But Eghost is NOT as enthusiastic. In fact—HE QUITS!

The wisdom of age tells him that something’s up with Wertham’s “PLAN”.

It seems to be heavily reliant on just throwing people at the problem with no real strategy for keeping them alive!!

Wrecking Brawl is annoyed at this cowardice and tells him to get lost.

This is a once in a life time chance! They have a Best just waiting for them to take out!

Wrecking Brawl mounts and begins to pound Speedy Godiva’s face.

Without her mechappendages Speedy is completely helpless…