Slaughter House exploded and a shower of flaming corpses were sent flying all over!!

Speedy Godiva looks on somewhat annoyed imagining the hassle she’s going to get from her landscapers when it comes time to clean this mess up.

Dornail hurtles down to the ground with a rough landing.

However he’s far more concerned about how angry Speedy is going to be with him!!

They used his secret weakness—WHORES!!

Plus Garret Marrow and Axe Moth just wouldn’t stay dead.

Speedy is unconvinced.

To Dornail’s horror there’s no trace of either of the killers. They have yet again (as is their way) vanished.

Dornail remarks that the 2 killers are harder to keep dead than cock roaches.

Speedy states that while she didn’t really need Dornail to save her, he did save her time (it would’ve been quite a lengthy battle for her to kill Slaughter house) so she’s thankful for that.

If he gets her to her lab, all is forgiven.