Speedy Godiva was closing in on Max Saturn for the kill when Time Piece froze her with the Stop Watch!

Speedy’s frozen for 60 seconds–but in a move that catches everyone off guard Max turns on Time Piece and smashes her head before she can react!

Horrified Eghost calls out the obvious–What IS Max thinking killing his allies?

But Max wasn’t in control! It was Iteration 88.

Max demands answers and 88 complies.

The Stop Watch’s freeze ability was too close for 88’s comfort so she eliminated Time Piece.

Max is unsettled by this response.

Speedy unfreezes and lands with more insight on 88–she is the only Mechappendage to have intelligence for this very reason!

Their bond was too close and when Speedy merely thought of upgrading it drove 88 mad.

Completely insane in fact…

UP NEXT: Is the enemy of your enemy your friend or enemy…