Dornail made it to the exit of Slaughter House!!

But as he flings open the door he’s extremely shocked to see the back of his own head. Many backs of his own head.

An infinity effect of Dornails stretch out before him.

As he turns back he is shocked even further to discover the hallway he just had behind him has been replaced by an Escher-esque nightmare.

Slaughter House boasts that there is no escape!

In the walls of Slaughter House reality is his plaything.

Not only will Dornail never find the exit–he’ll die trying! And then his SOUL will wander lost for eternity.

This is the trap known as the Insanity Labyrinth.

Of course Dornail isn’t overly concerned about this but this tactic combined with the comeback kings (Garret Marrow and Axe Moth) make one thing crystal clear:

Wertham’s goal truly is to eliminate the Bests. (thus the strong effort to tie up Dornail with his choice of opponents)

Slaughter House taunts Dornail stating that maybe he’s right…

Or maybe he forgot something.

Axe Moth draws silently closer behind Dornail…