Meanwhile back inside Slaughter House Dornail is duking it out with Axe Moth and Garret Marrow!

Dornail has bad news for Garret.

If he’s upset that Dornail is fucking his mom’s skull—it’s not gonna stop.

At that same time Axe Moth lurks behind ready to strike!

That turns out to be a terrible mistake as Dornail dodges just as Garret brings down his saw blade at full strength and smashes Axe Moth into paste!

Dornail uses this opening to grab Garret’s exposed and vulnerable skull and yanks out his entire skeleton!!

Then with a might ejaculatory blast he exploses Mama Marrow!

As Dornail makes his way off some of Slaughter House’s spooks try to attack him to no avail.

Dornail remarks that he knows that Axe Moth and Garret Marrow aren’t finished…

Yet it might be enough! THE EXIT IS DEAD AHEAD!!