With Dornail trapped in Slaughter House’s insanity labyrinth and fighting the perpetually resurrecting Garret Marrow and Axe Moth it seems like Speedy Godiva is on her own.

However being short her left arm hasn’t really impacted her fighting ability it seems!

Speedy blasts away with her right hand (transformed into a cannon).

Max Saturn zips around the blasts far too fast to be hit.

His taunting annoys Speedy who kicks her right leg high in the air for a devastating attack–


The leg drop’s from super high and rocket powered to smash Max into the ground.

But 88 isn’t impacted in the least by this attack.

Seizing control from Max once more, 88 quickly smashes speedy’s right leg before she can retract it.

88 and Max make it to their feet and rip Speedy’s right mechappendage off.

And now Speedy only has her right arm and left leg..