Speedy Godiva used her super combo attack to obliterate the body off of Slaughter House.

Unfortunately she did not notice Time Piece and associate approaching.

Using her enhanced Stop Watch (with new Chronostone), Time Piece can now freeze time locally for 1 whole minute!

Freezing Speedy Godiva in place leaves her wide open for an assault from Wrecking Brawl who bags on Speedy’s look (hypocritically?).

Despite being a wheel chair disabled old man, Eghost’s mental image is powerfully strong and smashes Speedy’s bike Nightmare into a tiny wad of metal.

But a commanding presence enters the scene and sets them all in their place.

They order Slaughter House to keep Dornail busy and the other 3 to stand back.

This fight is between them and Speedy Godiva!