The shadowy figure is revealed!!

An angry being has been waiting for revenge for a long time! Speedy Godiva took his ship stranding him here on earth!

Mean while it appears he has his own mechappendages! AND THEY TALK!

They want to defeat ‘itteration 99’ to prove to Speedy they are perfect.

It is Itteration 88. A cast off set of mechappendages Speedy rejected!

And despite being cast offs–Max Saturn informs us they are her most powerful creation!!

They’re boosting Saturn’s strength and together they are invincible!!

But Speedy is NOT impressed.

As Time Piece’s time freeze lets up Speedy gets up and gets in Saturn’s face.

All that back up just for her? Pretty sackless.

If he wants off Earth Speedy will be happy to oblige…


And with that friends ISSUE 25 IS COMPLETE!! Now if you recall I am taking a TINY ‘break’ between issues. I didn’t do it last time due to the holidays already eating up my time so I’ve got a little bit more work to do than what’s normal. As I’m sure you recall it’s not a ‘break break’. I’m just getting the pages ready for the print edition. Creating some print exclusive content. Etc. Anyway it won’t take too long! I’m super fucking excited! Stay tuned! I’ll be back at it a.s.a.p.!