Having dispatched of Head Case and Madde Der Hammer Rodney moves what remains of The Shelf and Paige outside the burning library.

It’s a super long shot, but Rodney has to take a gamble—

Scooping some water up from the fountain he drops a Meducation tablet down Paige’s throat.


Paige jolts back to life as the clot weed she placed over her missing arm grows explosively!!

Rodney excited and surprised exclaims–IT WORKED!!

Paige is surprised to find herself outside–with Rodney–and most surprised to find how huge the clot weed has gotten.

She asks for help getting up, but Rodney firmly declines!!

EMTs and Firefighters are less than 3 minutes away and he wants Paige to just rest.

As he hops on his jet sled and gets ready to take off he looks back..

Rodney acknowledges that he has failed Paige and The Shelf. He’s apologizes.

Paige tells him to just go.