The Shelf handily dispatched of Head Case using a book on sword play by Ken Yen (the Dimensionaught Best who is not currently present!).

Head Case now disabled and on all fours seems to be defeated.

The Shelf calls the battle as over while Paige taunts Head Case’s poor decision to attack the Shelf in his private library.

But Head Case has a secret ally of his own: FIRE EYES.

From behind The Shelf appears Madde Der Hammer who plucks the special book that keeps The Shelf alive right off his head!

Without it The Shelf crumples lifelessly to the floor much to Paige Turner’s horror (who is at that same moment bound by magical chains as Head Case uses her magic to restore her limbs).

You see Fire Eyes wasn’t just able to reanimate dead people. He was also quite capable of animating inanimate objects as well!

So with Fire Eyes spell book in her collection Head Case is easily able to control Madde Der Hammer–despite the paralysis that The Shelf induced.

And with that Head Case has Madde lift her volt hammer ready to strike the lifeless Shelf…

UP NEXT: ????????????????????????????????????