Poor Gecko! The day he finally made it into the Rad Pad he finds it full of monsters and psychos. What rotten luck.

Dr. Wertham assures him he’s got it wrong.

He’s the hero of this story.

The greatest hero the world ever knew in fact.

Erased from the pages of history.

But now he’s back to put an end to Rodney and Dornail once and for all.

Meanwhile the vampire goddess and Mawful approach.

She inquires if Gecko is dead yet, Mawful is starving!

Gecko has a breakdown thinking about his daughter.. Dr. Wertham has no pity for his situation.

The Doctor orders Lordess Gorge (the vampire Goddess’ name) to take Gecko and put him on a quantum pause. Place him in the communication bay and prep a direct line to Bonnie’s personal tablet.

Then she’s to tell the others it’s time to leave…