Rodney and Dornail came to the Rad Pad from a distress call from Gecko Roman. Who it turned out they were too late to save… or were they!?

Gecko lets out a gasp and springs to life (much to Dornail’s fright).

With his dying breath he begs Rodney and Dornail to tell Jaya and Peanut he loves them and he’s sorry.

This gesture moves Rodney and Dornail to ugly cry giant tear geysers. Dornail himself promises to tell Jaya.

But Gecko’s a little caught off guard as to how Dornail would even know Jaya’s name.

Turns out Dornail films Gecko and Jaya getting it on through their window…

Gecko asks Dornail to promise not to bone Jaya after he’s dead.

Dornail dodges the question a bit and Gecko asks him to clarify.

Annoyed Dornail wishes ill will on the dying Gecko Roman. But Rodney promises to keep Dornail at bay. Also he commits to not eat Peanut.

Gecko is not comforted by this and tells them they are the worst heroes ever.

Which puts Peanut back on the menu.

UP NEXT: Gecko’s final word…