As we leave the sinister Dr. Wertham he gives Lordess Gorge one last bit of info:

It’s time the Bests met the Worsts!

And on that troubling note we leap fwd 2 days to the end of Rodney and Dornail’s waiting period!

The seventh and final day begins!!

Rodney and Dornail have been laying low for the last 2 days on a secret island get away!

And apparently Dornail’s been laying Cecilia who is less than impressed with his current Maiden Voyage fantasy (She’s never heard of them and doesn’t get it at all).

Dornail finds it hard to believe she’d have trouble with anything he’s done considering how they’ve spent their last 2 days together…

When RODNEY bursts through the wall dressed as cliche, besandled God and smites Dornail right in the face!!

Cecelia has had enough! She doesn’t get down with the ‘unholy trinity’ even for Rodney and Dornail!

Dornail hates to see her go but does enjoy watching her leave then immediately turns on Rodney for cock blocking him!

But Rodney was just fulfilling a promise Dornail made to Cecilia–that she would see god while they made love.

It’s possible the ways Godney works are just too mysterious for mortal minds.

UP NEXT: The last call you’d ever expect..