Rodney tells Dornail that it doesn’t really matter that Cecelia got run off—It’s the big day at last!

Plus they’re getting a call from Speedy Godiva!

But uh–Dornail QUICKLY observes that’s NOT from Speedy–It’s from the Rad Pad (which should still be empty!).

No one’s answering on the other side but the visual is very troubling.

The primary communication bay covered in blood while a quantum pause box (which should be in the gallery) blares in the background.

Dornail calls out, but no one answers on the other side. He tells them help’s on it’s way and the boys take to the seas!

Of course they’re not going as fast as Dornail would like so Rodney orders Grombus (the ship’s AI ) to lose the mermaid figurehead’s large boobs.

Dornail is not pleased.

They’re still not going fast enough!

Rodney orders Grombus to engage ROBOAT MODE, enhance the mermaid’s bust, AND speak more britisher!

Dornail has to admit that this is a bit absurd.. but he’s kinda feelin’ the S.S. Hipname too…

Rodney says it only makes sense since they have more money than sense.