Speedy Godiva thinks back to the time when Rodney and Dornail first approached her.

She was NOT impressed.

But after talking with the Bests she was swayed..

Mr. Bastard and Jinx are fond of the boys–with Mr. B noting there’s more to them than meets the eye.

KenYen and Jane had praise for them too! In all the omniverse there was only 1 Rodney and Dornail… or does he mean that literally?

Even the Shelf and Paige Turner are fans in their way.

The shelf notes the boys are truly unique and there’s nothing quite like them in written history.

Paige notes that the boys might irritate you at first.. but they grow on you.

So Speedy took a chance and was not disappointed!!

She’s just wants to warn Rodney and Dornail—Don’t START disappointing her now.

Rodney makes her a promise—

No matter what happens, everything’s gonna be alright!

UP NEXT: Rodney’s dream…

NOTE: It might seem a little odd that Sandwhich and Boomeranger aren’t listed here. But that’s just the order Speedy joined the Bests in! They weren’t part of the team yet! Not a crucial story detail really…