Rodney just doesn’t get the desire to give up the hero life.

But Speedy needs him to focus up and get this—If they don’t destroy the gallery in 2 days the Bests’re dead!!

She reiterates, the boys are NOT to contact any of the bests!

The Shelf and Speedy will send a plan to them via Bonnie’s tablet.

Except Rodney already HAS a secret plan.

And in 3 days he’s going to make an announcement that’ll save the Bests AND the Gallery!

He follows up with a joke about Bonnie and the Bests coming to live with them after that and her having tons of kids (enough for a planet!), however Bonnie is NOT amused.

This is serious!!! They’re up against the world government! A problem you can’t just punch to death!

(Well Rodney doesn’t know about that)

Rodney blasts back—He’s more serious than ever! His friends ARE his family and he loves them.

His dream?

To have fun and fight by their side forever.

UP NEXT: Dornail to the rescue?