Gecko Roman managed to achieve his dream of being the first man to break into the Rad Pad!

Only to be greeted by a vampire goddess who stabbed him in the gut and put her familiar (MAWFUL) in hot pursuit!

Gecko can’t risk R1 and D1 flicking him home so he heads further into the Rad Pad in the hopes of finding Rodney and Dornail…

But everything’s all wrong. It’s empty! Abandoned!

Losing hope (and lots of blood) Gecko laments… If only he had listened to Jaya!

We flash back momentarily to Jaya (Gecko’s pregnant girlfriend) in their apartment.

An excited Gecko knows something is up at the Rad Pad. This might be his shot to get in at last!

Jaya sighs… Why can’t he just let this go?

Gecko tells her he’s doing it so he can give Jaya and Peanut (their baby) a better life. To make them rich and famous.

Jaya would rather just have Gecko alive.

Gecko tells Jaya he also has to do it for himself. It’s his dream.

Jaya then shares her fears: This dream will consume Gecko Roman. And when it does, her and the baby will be alone….

With Mawful in hot pursuit and no one to save him, Jaya’s nightmare may soon come true.