Rodney was going on about secret plans and insisting everyone will live at the Rad Pad….

It’s too much for Speedy who in a moment of great desperation asks Dornail to break his silence!!

Now Dornail was trying very hard to hold back his perversion for Speedy’s sake, but he has to get a bit out.

Having gotten that out of the way he makes his case–

He’s Rodney’s first enemy and oldest friend!

He knows better than anyone–Rodney will never give up on his friends or beliefs! (this makes Rodney a little big headed)

More importantly he ALSO believes in Rodney’s dream!

Bonnie believes the Gallery has only given up 10 percent of what it can do!

And even if Rodney and Dornail aren’t the best heroes–at least they know enough to surround themselves with the very best.

Speedy is a bit won over…

She has always admired the boys for their limitless confidence.

It’s almost as if they KNOW everything’s always going to be ok..

Speedy takes a moment to reminiscence about the first time the boys asked her to join the Bests…

UP NEXT: Speedy’s first encounter with Rodney and Dornail…