Well Speedy Godiva has laid out the whole mess.

Instead of being worried—Rodney is relieved!!

He thought the Bests didn’t want to live with him and Dornail because they hated them!

Dornail has some rather bitter news—Bonnie’s vacation kinda gives away the time line of the events they missed.

Speedy confirms it. The very first day was in fact simply everyone just rejecting Rodney and Dornail because they did NOT want to live with them.

In fact they had a get together where they mocked the boys and ate their favorite foods!!! (this mean spirited gathering made Boomer cry)

Rodney (a bit pissed) calls for the Check and they make their way out of the restaurant towards Speedy’s bike.

Speedy breaks it down for Rodney—Even though all he cares about is saving the world and having fun everyone else wants a bit more.

Having a life. Making a life.

Dornail gets that Speedy means starting a family.

Rodney still doesn’t see the problem. The Rad Pad has Day Care!! Plus aren’t the Bests family to Speedy?

Just as Speedy anticipated—

Rodney doesn’t get it.

UP NEXT: Rodney’s secret…