Having bid Gallows Eve a fond farewell the boys are now free from the sleep prison of the Subconvicts and wake up immediately!

And that’s BAD news for the Lesbian Frankensteins of Jersey!

Rodney sits up and realizes something’s on his head—and it BETTER be a werewolf hat!

Spoiler alert: It’s not.

Rodney and Dornail unleash hell upon the LFJ quickly taking them out.

But Rodney can really tell they’re not a huge threat. In fact he’s not overly concerned with them to the extent that he doesn’t even consider them in need of villain rehab!!

The double headed leader of the LFJ is surprised and grateful!! There’s no way they can repay this kindness!

Dornail begs to differ…

The double headed leader puts on a bit of a show for Dornail who soon can’t resist the temptation to get sewn into the mix.

In other words—Day 3 was a complete and total waste!!