Ultrat GRACIOUSLY offers his services to the World Government. He’ll seize the Gallery’s exhibits and surrender them to the World Leaders.

By FORCE if needed.

Obviously this is begging for a fight which might destroy the Gallery’s assets.

It is proposed that the Shelf lead the rest of The Bests in cooperation with Ultrat to ensure the Gallery is retrieved safely.

But the Shelf has bad news.

It seems that Meducation and T-Shyurt were it for the Gallery! That’s the pinnacle of the research they could get out of it. And now Rodney and Dornail are going to DESTROY the gallery!

Such a controversial move is causing great fighting amongst the Bests and the team is on the brink of collapse making their cooperation impossible.


But for everyone else The Shelf’s word is gold and they descend into panic.

The shelf risked all his established credibility with his first lie to SAVE Rodney and Dornail!

And now there’s one thing left to do—

UP NEXT: One thing left to do…