We enter with Rodney and Dornail having a conversation at a dinner table.

Dornail notes that he’s pretty sure that one of the Frankenstein lesbians was chewing on his weenie while he slept.

Rodney thinks that doesn’t make sense…unless…

Maybe Dornail’s weenie is also a lesbian?

This makes sense to Dornail.

Speedy Godiva wonders what this has to do with her.

Rodney was just saying that something strange is going down!! They need the Bests but clearly the team is avoiding them.

Dornail in agreement states that Mr. Bastard is missing. No one is returning their calls. Boomer’s acting strange.

Dornail and Rodney get the feeling something big is going to happen and Gallows Eve’s prophecy confirms it.

So why is the team so stand offish?

Speedy has bad news for the boys…

The Bests are through. By week’s end they’ll be publicly disbanding. 

UP NEXT: The end of the Bests.