Speedy Godiva continues on her point that Rodney and Dornail really can’t be trusted.

The Gallery is full of all sorts of dangerous weapons.. but also powerful and lethal creatures as well!!

Confined by a quantum pause.

Is that really the sort of responsibility you want to entrust to a moron and a pervert?

Speedy continues: Even the good things they do manage to be fuck ups!

The T-shyurt and Meducation threw the planet into financial turmoil these last few days. The housing market and pharmaceutical market have bottomed out which has put many banks in turmoil as well.

Speedy assumes this is the source of a rapid gathering of the U.N. which deemed Rodney and Dornail no longer fit to maintain The Gallery.

Rodney leaps to a far fetched conspiracy theory about a shadow government bent on their destruction, but Speedy assumes the answer is far simpler:

Greed and Fear.

In light of the recent developments the Gallery is now viewed as a time bomb or a gold mine depending on your perspective.

And to make matters worse–HERE COMES ULTRAT.