Rodney and Dornail were on a quest to recruit the Bests, but fell asleep on the job!! Well it was Rodney’s duty not to fall asleep.

But he got bored.

Anyway Rodney says they should blame Mr. Bastard! They wasted all of day 3 looking for him! (He’s a drifter you see).

At that moment Rodney finds himself a tiny bit beheaded.

A strange man holds Rodney in his fingers.

They won’t be waking up! They’re at the disposal of the Subconvicts!

The dream beasts Rodney and Dornail were fighting get the upper hand on Dornail launching him into the mouth of a female Subconvict who explains in this mind prison (the Subconfinement) reality bends to their whim!

She shits out Dornail (who doesn’t seem opposed to it).

Rodney’s body goes to attack the male Subconvict but he warps reality to escape!

He explains while they normally steal and sell secrets they realize if they can defeat Rodney and Dornail they’ll get fame and fortune MUCH QUICKER!!

The female Subconvict explains Rodney and Dornail’s true dilemma:

If they don’t get their mind’s broken surely their bodies will get destroyed by the Lesbian Frankensteins of Jersey!!