Naturally Rodney hits the roof at hearing his team is disbanding in a few days.

Who made that call? After all it’s Rodney and Dornail’s team! They made it up!!

Speedy tells Rodney to calm down and listen–

Simply put the world loves Rodney and Dornail. The world government does not.

They have their uses, but the government considers them too big a fuck up to trust with the Gallery’s dangerous assortment of weapons and creatures.

Rodney is so angry at their distrust he wants to kill them!!!

Dornail connects the dots that their efforts to unify the team at the Rad Pad actually make them look MORE dangerous.

Although with the Shelf their–shouldn’t that earn them some trust?

Speedy breaks the news: They don’t trust Rodney and Dornail either.

Which is why they built R1 and D1 to begin with.

UP NEXT: A split decision…