The boys received a surprise save from Gallows Eve! Quite the surprise since they’ve not seen or heard from Eve since Buffalo B.K. killed her and her fellow heroes at Mazin’ Mesa!

As Rodney disposes of the Subconvicts, Dornail expresses his gratitude the only way he knows how.

But Eve did not come back for that!

Eve delivers a cryptic warning… Rodney and Dornail are about to face a terrible danger like they’ve never faced before.

Dornail and Rodney are still in tears though at the sight of their old ally!

Dornail apologizes that he failed to protect them, but he did avenge them by killing Buffalo himself!

Rodney apologizes for slighting their trio as being ‘the second bests’ . He asks eve to give his love to Steam Injun and Prairie God. The original ultimate hero team.

Gallows Eve wishes the boys farewell…

UP NEXT: Rise and Shine, it’s payback time!