Rodney and Dornail aren’t there to talk about fucking food mutants.

They want Boomer to come live at the Rad Pad and they won’t take no for an answer!!!

But if No won’t suffice Boomer hopes they’ll accept an apology. He’s sorry, but he can’t.

He wants to!!

He thinks of Rodney and Dornail as family!! But he just can’t and he doesn’t want to say why.

Dornail hazards a guess—Could it be pride?

Boomer won’t accept help taking out Boss Claw.

Boomer acknowledges that duty prevents him from taking help avenging his parents.. but it’s not pride stopping him from accepting their offer.

Rodney initially seems to be warning Boomer against seeking revenge—but he’s actually supporting it.

Finally Boomer has had enough. He begs the boys—

Just let it go before it’s too late!

And with that he takes to the skies.

Day 2 is over.. zero Bests recruited…