Boomeranger busted quite the glorious pose upon defeating Pistachio Moustachio, but it seems he wasn’t alone.

To his surprise Rodney and Dornail appear (in their own super suits) and strike a pose right behind him!

And the crowd goes WILD! Rodney and Dornail saved the day again!!!

Boomer’s a little confused though as he didn’t even realize the boys were there.

Well it seems they had his back. While he was busy with Pistachio Moustachio, Dornail was taking care of his wife.

Pistachio Stanknastyho.

Rodney assures him he should be ashamed, though Dornail doesn’t know how to feel that way any longer.

And Rodney hastily moves things along to business.

The actual reason they’re there is…

UP NEXT: We need to talk about the rad pad!!