Speedy Godiva tells the Boys the reason the Bests have been avoiding them was to help sell the Shelf’s lie.

If someone was to come into contact with them they were to urge the boys to stop trying to unite the team–at least until Speedy and the Shelf could get through to Rodney and Dornail and help make a plan.

But Bonnie hasn’t been answering her tablet!!! That’s very unlike her!

Rodney reluctantly struggles to come up with a lie but the truth comes out—Bonnie’s on vacation!

This leaves Speedy completely shocked. That’s extremely out of character for Bonnie.

Come to think of it, the entire Rad Pad seems kinda away at the moment.

Rodney and Dornail don’t exactly handle this observation well, but luckily Speedy moves on quickly dismissing it by noting that even they can’t be that stupid (they are).

Well, the bad news is that Rodney and Dornail’s efforts to unite the Bests haven’t gone unnoticed!! And it created pressure on the Shelf to tell the world government the Bests are breaking up in 3 days!

Now obviously that’s not a big deal. They an always reunite BUT in the meantime Rodney and Dornail are on their own!!!

And most importantly–


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