Bonnie and Dornail both arrive at the same time to confront Rodney!

Considering Bonnie just told them yesterday that the world governments were a bit weary of the gallery being under their control, emptying the Rad Pad of all it’s staff for a full week is just about the WORST thing that could happen!!

Dornail’s upset his whores are gone.

But everyone’s gone for the very first time in the Rad Pad’s history and Bonnie demands answers!

Rodney explains the method to his madness:

Over the next 7 days, him and Dornail will be convincing the bests to move in permanently to the Rad Pad!

If they do, the gallery is under constant supervision by the world’s leading super team.

If they don’t, they still will have proven the Rad Pad’s defense systems were capable of keeping the Gallery safe on their own with no one to help out.

Bonnie’s slightly stunned.. this plan COULD work.

Dornail is ALSO stunned since Rodney’s not really the ‘clever idea’ type.

Well, it came to him in a dream.

In the dream, all his best friends lived in one place. They kicked ass. Saved the world. And had fun forever…

UP NEXT: And as for Bonnie…