LAST WE LEFT: Rodney was looking quite sadly into Bonnie’s tablet…

However it appears this was part of a dumb joke on his part about them never seeing Bonnie again.

Carrying on the joke he tells Dornail he’s found her will and that she loves him.

Dornail isn’t amused. If Bonnie never came back Rodney would feel really awful….

But Rodney’s confident Bonnie will be fine! She’s tough! It’s the Captain who is in real trouble.

And so off they go to assemble the Bests!!!

Kentaro Yenji and Janedora Laneberry already stay with Rodney and Dornail whenever they are in this dimension. So by default they are already in. That leaves only 7 more Bests to convince!

Although Dornail doubts Ken Yen would want to stay with them since last time they met: Rodney blacked both of Ken Yen’s eyes.

Rodney was just trying to make his face less racist!

Anyway Dornail agrees that Ken Yen and Jane are probably a lock (since they have nowhere else to stay)… but the rest of the Bests might not be so easy.