John Gaunt asked the Council to use the Anti-Perception Technology on Rodney and Dornail.

But Space Face said that would be like using a supernova to eliminate a single celled organism.

Well.. John has a rebuttal to that!

Being so smart he’s certain they’re aware of what cancer is.

Even a single cell can be devastating.

Even Small things can make BIG impacts.

And plucking a hair from his head for a bit of misdirection he draws the council’s attention upward while he taps his heels together releasing a hatch in his left shoe’s heel!

Out from it springs a bug which zips away!

Having outwitted possibly the smartest beings in the universe with nothing more than a hair form his head John Gaunt can’t contain his laughter—

The C.O.C.K.S. just got bugged!!

UP NEXT: ????????????????????