When Bonnie thinks about it there’s actually only ONE of the Bests they REALLY need.

The Shelf!

He’s been a crime fighter since world war 2! He’s still regularly relied upon by the U.S. and all the world powers look upon him favorably. If he was to reside in the rad pad they wouldn’t exactly be able to complain anymore.

But Dornail wagers the Shelf will be the hardest one to convince.

Rodney still believes it won’t be difficult–so long as they can convince the others the Shelf should come along.

Bonnie is SOLD on the plan! She wants to stay behind but Rodney’s not having any of it!

Part of the reason he wanted everyone gone was just in case something DID happen the rad pad would be empty!

Dornail points out Bonnie’s presence would also ruin the test data to suggest the Rad Pad’s defense systems could manage the place on their own.


UP NEXT: Bonnie’s job!

A quick word on the B PROJECT—-It IS dojo related! However it’s nowhere near completion so talking about it at this point isn’t really a good idea. That being said the time I needed to take away from the main dojo comic was clearly pretty substantial. So I didn’t want to say nothing at all. Don’t worry! When the time comes I’ll give you plenty of news in advance.