Brain face was quite upset to realize that this man who was posing as John Gaunt WASN’T the real John Gaunt! He was an impostor!!

At that moment.. oh let’s call her.. Space Face for now.. warps in to confirm it. Of course that’s not John Gaunt…

John Gaunt’s not real.

Since joining the C.O.C.K.S., John Gaunt has been replaced 12 times. This leads space face to assume “john gaunt” is just a job title.

She became aware when she had to keep defusing the bombs in their teeth!!

Of course Brain face gets quit pissed over this! There are no weapons allowed in their facility!!

But the John Gaunts never know about the bombs according to Space Face (and John certainly seems surprised).

She knows they’re unaware because she’s read their minds.

Also they’re never intelligent enough to really justify their presence in the council.

Were it not for how John Gaunt joined he would have long been dismissed… But Space Face and the others have long learned you do not question the methods of the 7th man.

(who is seemingly absent, but still has a means to interact?).

At this point turtle face turns the floor over to John Gaunt.

John wants one thing— For the C.O.C.K.S. to use their secret weapon on Rodney and Dornail!!