Picking RIGHT UP where we last left off—

One of the 7 men that make up the C.O.C.K.S. has requested that they address Rodney and Dornail.

HOWEVER—This big brained mother fucker right here is having nothing of it.

The Council of Cosmic Knowledge Specialists are the greatest minds in the universe united to guide all intelligence.

Earth matters are kind of beneath them.

However John Gaunt (who you may recognize as the CIA agent from the Eye God arc) was appointed to the Council by the 7th man himself. And as such he feels he should be able to address his planet’s concerns. He has a simple request.

The crystal brained fellow notes that while there is an increased awareness of Rodney and Dornail… well.. it he’s got to pause for thought…

Which is interrupted by what appears to be coral reef mounted on a robotic base with glowing fish swimming around in a fog. It doesn’t care about Earth! Gorgo is coming!! This is a FAR greater concern to it!

Meanwhile yet another council member speaks up–He LIKES Rodney and Dornail!

He’s willing to hear John Gaunt out and put it to a vote.

However the big brained Council member notices something—THAT’S NOT JOHN GAUNT!!


Sorry. I didn’t do much name dropping on this page. But don’t worry. You’ll get all that very shortly.