Alone in The Gallery for the first time in a while Rodney is actually shocked at how many exhibits it now has.

Looking at his past victories makes him excited for his next adventure!!

All of this.. it’s something he never dreamed would happen.

Him and Dornail came up from nothing and now have everything.

Dornail agrees it’s still hard to believe. They want for nothing.

They are rich. Dornail has women. Rodney has adventure. They are beloved by the world and have the greatest super team and the most amazing place to live.

Rodney just says it: Everything is perfect. He never wants anything to ever change.

Dornail agrees. Then with a pause for thought he considers that maybe they’d best handle this Ultrat situation a more carefully as Bonnie suggested…

Rodney states he just doesn’t want things to go back to how they were before.

UP NEXT: ????????????????