Rodney calls up to the figure in D1’s grips.

With R1 and D1 being built by the world’s leading expert on robotics (and essentially her clone since with a book on robotics in his head that Speedy wrote, the shelf would be just as knowledgeable) there’s no way a loser like Gecko Roman is slipping past them.

But Gecko will never give up! The fact is, no one has ever slipped past R1 and D1 and if Gecko can sneak into the Rad Pad he’ll be world famous!!

Dornail facepalms in lament. Seems there’s no shortage of Ultrats in the world..

He command D1 to flick Gecko home to his lady and D1 complies sending Gecko Roman flying (and screaming) off into the distance.

Rodney has Bonnie send a pizza to Gecko’s apartment for him and his pregnant girlfriend.

Then Rodney has a bad (and impossible) idea… which Dornail and Bonnie humor him…

UP NEXT: Bonnie and the Boys in the Rad Pad