Well.. Bonnie was afraid this would happen. Which is why they didn’t want Rodney and Dornail seeing the gloves before the Dornail hands were ready to go too.

It seems she won’t get to talk about their solution for homelessness—The T-shyurt. Which Rodney actually inspired with an off remark about people needing shells like turtles.

Or the cure for all previously incurable diseases-Meducation. Which studies what’s wrong then teaches your body how to make it right. Dornail inspired this one indirectly. The med team was spending too much time dealing with his ever evolving crabs so they wanted a project that would just take that task off their hands.

No instead Bonnie dismisses the boys and heads off to the Gallery for some alone time.

Rodney and Dornail feel bad.

Or uh.. Dornail definitely does.. Rodney might have been thinking about something else…