John Gaunt has requested the Council use their secret weapon—


However the request is NOT met with a warm reception.

Turtle face breaks the silence with a ‘nah’ then crystal brain follows up with a call to move on to the next item.

Enraged John Gaunt demands they stop as that was CLEARLY not a vote.

Space Face tells John he can’t possibly understand what he’s asking.

Even though the council handles extremely serious matters with great regularity, the use of Anti-Perception Technology is STILL not something they take lightly.

In this matter it is seen as an absurd amount of overkill.

Aside from that,unanimous consent is required for the use of Anti-percep tech. As such, the dissent of a single member is enough to move along.

Brain face rubs it in—Earth will have to deal with it’s Rodney and Dornail problem itself!

UP NEXT: ?????????????????