While Dornail theorizes Ultrat finds Rodney and him morally objectionable, Rodney has another theory.

Ultrat is just jealous.

Jealous he’s not as strong OR SMART(?!) as Rodney…. (who isn’t exactly known for his wit).

As proof Ultrat’s weaker ¬†than him, Rodney tells Ultrat to look no further than the sun. It appears mount crushmore and abe lincoln didn’t QUITE make it into the sun! Of course if it were Rodney they’d have gone right in.

Ultrat doesn’t see them anywhere..

Rodney urges him to look closer (setting him up for the kill).

When Ultrat turns around to declare Rodney wrong he jabs his own eye into Rodney’s waiting finger!

Rodney cracks up at how he’s managed to outwit Ultrat! Even an idiot knows staring at the sun will leave you blind!!

The crowd joins in laughing at Ultrat.. who is growing angrier…