As Dornail disrobes he notes there’s one thing even the mighty Ultrat can’t do (despite all his powers!).

That’s make skyler’s mom wear clothes!!

He shreds off the clothes Ultrat put on the milf, which outrages Ultrat!

But Officer sexy cop stops him in his tracks: NUDITY IS LEGAL IN ALL 50 STATES!!

Dornail points out that Speedy Godiva championed the movement that lead to this! Ultrat SHOULD know that.

Well, he does know it.. but doesn’t care. He thinks real heroes should be held to a higher standard.

And Dornail’s had enough of his shit. He tells Ultrat to use his abilities to detect if there’s even a single injured person. There isn’t! Because Rodney and Dornail are damn good at what they do despite the joking around.

Ultrat doesn’t have to be a jerk just because they don’t fit the rules he personally lives his life by.

UP NEXT: Ultrat’s REAL problem!