Well ALMOST everyone was super on board with a Rodney vs. Ultra fight!

But Dornail says FUCK NO!! They’re going home!

He’s not going to let Ultrat goad Rodney into a fight since they’re (despite their differences) fighting on the same side.

He even thinks if Ultrat could mellow out he could join The Bests! (though Rodney’s against it)

Dornail and Rodney bid the crowd a farewell as they head for home (while Ultrat tries desperately to make the case against Rodney and Dornail).

On the way home Rodney wishes Dornail had let him beat up Ultrat.

But Dornail makes it clear—They DID beat Ultrat.

Ultrat wants a fight and generally only appears when there’s plenty of press. Whatever his reasons—it’s better to deny him that attention!