The Invincible Mr. Bastard–Immoral Immortal! Well long time dojo fans know this guy somewhat. But he doesn’t JUST hunt vampires!

The nefarious DOGTOR is about to switch on his latest invention which would make humanity into pets and beasts the masters! But just as he’s about to flip the switch the door is kicked open by Mr. bastard himself!

But to Dogtor’s gall Mister Bastard appears to be drunk!!

Dogtor considers such an embarrassment beneath his genius, but Mr. Bastard takes that as a challenge and places himself ABOVE Dogtor.

Right about then Mr. Bastard’s booze filled belly fights back and Mr. B hurls hard and fast all over Dogtor.

And while Dogtor might like vomit he can’t handle the vast quantities Mr. Bastard is bringing.

Mr. Bastard passes out cold on top of the suffocated villain leaving his sidekick bummed at her unemployment and Jinx thrilled that once again the day is saved!

Jinx has SOME good news for Dogtor’s sidekick. As Mr. Bastard’s girlfriend she gets to choose who he bones and she’s willing to possess Sidekick so that her and Mr. Bastard can get it on. She’s a ghost you see and that’s the only way they can get their swerve on.

Sidekick is totally down for it since Dogtor was a lousy lover.

UP NEXT: ?????????????